11th century

The Battle of Hastings (1066)

12th century

13th century

14th century

15th century

The War of the Roses (1455-1485)

16th century

17th century

The Interregnum (1649-1660)Great Fire of London (September 2nd – 5th, 1666)
Great Plague of London (1665-1666)

18th century

The Battle of Culloden (April 16th, 1746)

19th century

20th century

RMS Titanic sinks(April 15th, 1912)Hillsborough Disaster (April 15th, 1989)
NHS founded (1948)James Bulger Murder (February 12th, 1993)
England win the World Cup (July 30th, 1966)Dunblane Massacre (March 13th, 1996)
Decimal Day (February 15th 1971)1997 General Election (May 1st, 1997)

21st century