Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education Rankings

1Stanford UniversityHarvard University
2Harvard UniversityColumbia University
3Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts Institute of Technology (T-3)
4University of PennsylvaniaStanford University (T-3)
5Columbia UniversityDuke University
6Yale UniversityYale University
7Duke UniversityCalifornia Institute of Technology
8Cornell UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania
9Princeton UniversityPrinceton University
10Northwestern UniversityCornell University
11Washington University in St LouisBrown University (T-11)
12California Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Chicago (T-11)
13John Hopkins UniversityWashington University in St Louis (T-11)
14University of ChicagoRice University
15Dartmouth CollegeNorthwestern University (T-15)
16Carnegie Mellon UniversityUniversity of Southern California (T-15)
17University of Southern CaliforniaDartmouth College (T-17)
18Emory UniversityJohn Hopkins University (T-17)
19Brown UniversityEmory University
20Vanderbilt UniversityCarnegie Mellon University
21Rice UniversityVanderbilt University
22University of MichiganWilliams College
23Amherst College (T-23)Amherst College
24Williams College (T-23)University of Notre Dame
25University of Notre DameUniversity of California, Los Angeles
26Georgetown University (T-26)Pomona College
27New York University (T-26)University of Michigan
28University of California, Los AngelesWellesley College
29Wellesley CollegeNew York University
30University of North Carolina at Chapel HillSwarthmore College
31Tufts UniversityGeorgetown University
32Pomona CollegeTufts University
33Smith College (T-33)University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
34Swarthmore College (T-33)Case Western Reserve University
35University of California, Berkeley (T-35)Claremont McKenna College
36Haverford College (T-35)Middlebury College
37Case Western Reserve UniversitySmith College
38Boston UniversityCarleton College
39Bryn Mawr College (T-39)Bowdoin College
40Carleton College (T-39)Boston University
41Purdue University (T-39)University of California, Berkeley
42Middlebury CollegeHaverford College
43University of California, Davis (T-43)Purdue University
44University of Miami (T-43)University of Miami
45University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignWesleyan University
46Bowdoin CollegeUniversity of California, Davis
47Wesleyan UniversityUniversity of California, San Diego
48University of California, San DiegoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
49Claremont McKenna CollegeBryn Mawr College
50University of Virginia LeHigh University
51Bucknell UniversityUniversity of Rochester
52Georgia Institute of Technology (T-52)Wake Forest University
53LeHigh University (T-52)Georgia Institute of Technology
54University of Texas at Austin (T-52)Davidson College
55Wake Forest UniversityColgate University
56Tulane UniversityUniversity of Texas at Austin (T-56)
57University of PittsburghUniversity of Virginia (T-56)
58Colgate University (T-58)University of Florida
59University of Florida (T-58)Bucknell University
60George Washington University (T-58)Boston College
61University of Rochester (T-58)Hamilton College (T-61)
62Michigan State UniversityUniversity of Richmond (T-61)
63University of Wisconsin-MadisonOberlin College
64Hamilton CollegeGeorge Washington University
65Davidson CollegeColby College
66Colby College (T-66)Bates College (T-66)
67Oberlin College (T-66)Northeastern University (T-66)
68Boston College (T-66)Vassar College (T-66)
69Ohio State University (T-66)Ohio State University
70Trinity CollegeLafayette College
71Northeastern UniversityTulane University (T-71)
72Lafayette CollegeUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (T-71)
73Macalester CollegeWashington and Lee University
74University of RichmondBarnard College
75University of Washington Grinnell College (T-75)
76Barnard CollegeUniversity of Pittsburgh (T-75)
77Bates CollegeMount Holyoke College
78Vassar CollegeMacalester College
79Worcester Polytechnic InstituteTrinity University
80Mount Holyoke CollegeMichigan State University
81Grinnell CollegeSouthern Methodist University
82Trinity University (T-82)University of Maryland, College Park
83William and Mary (T-82)Worcester Polytechnic Institute
84Brandeis UniversityDenison University (T-84)
85College of the Holy Cross (T-85)Drexel University (T-84)
86Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (T-85)College of the Holy Cross (T-84)
87Washington and Lee University (T-85)Brandeis University (T-87)
88Southern Methodist University (T-88)Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (T-87)
89Texas A&M University (T-88)Franklin and Marshall College (T-89)
90Denison UniversityUniversity of Washington (T-89)
91Scripps CollegeOccidental College
92Franklin and Marshall CollegeUnion College
93Drexel UniversityScripps College (T-93)
94Union CollegeTexas A&M University (T-93)
95Kenyon CollegeTrinity College (T-93)
96University of Maryland, College ParkUniversity of Denver (T-96)
97Rose-Hilman Institute of TechnologyKenyon College (T-96)
98DePauw UniversityBentley University
99University of MinnesotaUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
100Connecticut College (T-100)William and Mary
101Villanova University (T-100)Spelman College
102Occidental CollegeConnecticut College (T-102)
103Syracuse UniversityRhode Island School of Design (T-102)
104Bentley University (T-104)Howard University
105University of Denver (T-104)University of Connecticut (T-105)
106Santa Clara University (T-104)Saint Louis University (T-105)
107Howard University (T-107)The College of Wooster (T-105)
108Pennsylvania State University (T-107)Syracuse University
109Loyola Marymount University (T-109)DePauw University
110Saint Louis University (T-109)Gettysburg College
111Stevens Institute of Technology (T-109)University of Illinois at Chicago (T-111)
112Brigham Young University-Provo (T-112)Rose-Hilman Institute of Technology (T-111)
113Dickinson College (T-112)Brigham Young University-Provo (T-113)
114University of California, Santa BarbaraDickinson College (T-113)
115Creighton UniversityPitzer College (T-115)
116University of Connecticut (T-116)Wheaton College (Massachusetts) (T-115)
117The College of Wooster (T-116)University at Buffalo (T-117)
118Rutgers, the State University of New JerseyUniversity of the Pacific (T-117)
119Rhode Island School of Design Yeshiva University
120Babson College (T-120)Colorado College (T-120)
121Pepperdine University (T-120)Villanova University (T-120)
122Seattle University (T-120)University of Minnesota
123Gettysburg CollegeBabson College (T-123)
124Indiana University (T-124)Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (T-123)
125University of the Pacific (T-124)Illinois Institute of Technology (T-125)
126Furman UniversityPennsylvania State University (T-125)
127University of Illinois at Chicago (T-127)Seattle University
128Illinois Institute of Technology (T-127)Allegheny College (T-128)
129Yeshiva UniversityLoyola Marymount University (T-128)
130Spelman CollegeFurman University (T-130)
131Allegheny CollegeReed College (T-130)
132Arizona State UniversityRochester Institute of Technology (T-130)
133Art Center College of DesignStevens Institute of Technology (T-130)
134Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityArt Center College of Design (T-134)
135Drake University (T-135)Creighton University (T-134)
136Illinois Wesleyan University (T-135)Willamette University
137Pitzer College (T-137)North Carolina State University
138Wheaton College (Massachusetts) (T-137)Indiana University
139Willamette University (T-137)University of California, Irvine
140Gustavus Adolphus College Hobart William Smith Colleges
141University of IowaArizona State University (T-141)
142University of California, IrvineIllinois Wesleyan University (T-141)
143Rochester Institute of TechnologyOhio Northern University (T-143)
144St Olaf College (T-144)Skidmore College (T-143)
145Stony Brook University (T-144)Elon University (T-145)
146Marquette UniversityUniversity of Iowa (T-145)
147University at Buffalo (T-147)Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (T-147)
148University of Delaware (T-147)Stony Brook University (T-147)
149Hobart William Smith Colleges (T-147)University of Delaware
150Butler UniversityCentre College (T-150)
151Loyola University Chicago (T-151)Gustavus Adolphus College (T-150)
152Skidmore College (T-151)Clarkson University
153Rhodes CollegeKalamazoo College (T-153)
154Colorado College (T-154)St Olaf College (T-153)
155Ohio Northern University (T-154)University of Massachusetts-Amherst (T-155)
156Kalamazoo College (T-156)Michigan Technological University (T-155)
157Reed College (T-156)Pepperdine University (T-155)
158Centre CollegeMarquette University (T-158)
159American University (T-159)Stonehill College (T-158)
160Clarkson University (T-159)St Lawrence University (T-160)
161North Carolina State University (T-159)Temple University (T-160)
162University of Puget Sound (T-159)University of Puget Sound (T-162)
163Muhlenberg College (T-163)Rhodes College (T-162)
164Rutgers University-Newark (T-163)Bradley University (T-164)
165Elon UniversityUniversity of San Diego (T-164)
166Colorado School of Mines (T-166)Linfield College – McMinnville campus (T-166)
167Fairfield University (T-166)Whitman College (T-166)
168Florida Institute of Technology (T-166)Santa Clara University
169Bradley University (T-169)Simmons College
170Saint Mary's College (T-169)Berea College (T-170)
171University of the Sciences (T-169)University of Tulsa (T-170)
172University of Arizona (T-172)Susquehanna University (T-172)
173Fordham University (T-172)Washington & Jefferson College (T-172)
174University of Massachusetts-Amherst (T-172)Butler University (T-174)
175University of Colorado BoulderUniversity of Colorado Boulder (T-174)
176University of San Diego (T-176)Ohio Wesleyan University (T-174)
177St Lawrence University (T-176)Chapman University (T-177)
178Loyola University Maryland (T-178)Sewanee-The University of the South (T-177)
179Simmons College (T-178)University of Arizona (T-179)
180Albion College (T-180)Knox College (T-179)
181Lawrence University (T-180)Lawrence University (T-179)
182Stonehill College (T-180)Texas Christian University (T-179)
183Susquehanna University (T-180)Wofford College (T-179)
184Michigan Technological UniversityBryant University (T-184)
185University of San Francisco (T-185)Drake University (T-184)
186Ursinus College (T-185)Loyola University Maryland (T-184)
187University of Scranton (T-187)Missouri University of Science and Technology (T-184)
188Wofford College (T-187)Baylor University (T-188)
189Baylor University (T-189)Clemson University (T-188)
190Clemson University (T-189)University of Detroit Mercy (T-188)
191Sewanee-The University of the South (T-189)Colorado School of Mines (T-191)
192Siena College (T-192)Hampton University (T-191)
193University of Tulsa (T-192)Ursinus College (T-191)
194University of Dayton (T-194)Loyola University Chicago (T-194)
195Whitman College (T-194)Virginia Military Institute (T-194)
196Knox CollegeEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University (T-196)
197Bryant University (T-197)Binghamton University, State University of New York (T-196)
198Lewis & Clark College (T-197)American University (T-198)
199Washington & Jefferson College (T-197)Catholic University of America (T-198)
200Catholic University of America (T-200)Rutgers University-Newark (T-198)
201Gonzaga University (T-200)Saint Mary's College (T-198)
Lake Forest College (T-200)
Binghamton University, State University of New York (T-200)
College of Saint Benedict (T-200)
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