Full Name: Test of English as a Foreign Language
Started: 1964
Operated by: Educational Testing System
Number of Test Takers: 1.8m
Paper Variations:
TOEFL Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT): Run at test centres using the internet
TOEFL Paper-delivered Test: Run in areas in which the internet is not available
TOEFL Institutional Testing Program (TOEFL ITP): A variation offered to language institutes for training and class placement purposes
TOEFL Junior Standard: A paper-based test aimed at middle school students (11 to 15 years old)
TOEFL Junior Comprehensive: An internet-based test aimed at middle school students (11 to 15 years old)

The TOEFL Paper-based Test (TOEFL PBT) has been discontinued.

98% of adult TOEFL students take the TOEFL iBT.

Skills Tested:
TOEFL iBT: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
TOEFL Paper-delivered Test: Listening, Reading, Writing
TOEFL ITP: Listening, Reading, Writing Structure
TOEFL Junior Standard: Listening, Reading, Language Form and Meaning
TOEFL Junior Comprehensive: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Each TOEFL test has a different scoring scale. For the TOEFL iBT, each section is scored 0-30, creating a final score of 0-120.

Listening: 0-30
Speaking: 0-30
Reading: 0-30
Writing: 0-30
Total: 0-120

TOEFL Paper-delivered Test:
Listening: 0-30
Reading: 0-30
Writing: 0-30
Sections are scored independently. There is no total score awarded.

TOEFL Junior Standard:
Listening: 200-300
Reading: 200-300
Language Form and Meaning: 200-300
Total: 600-900

TOEFL Junior Comprehensive:
Listening: 140-160
Reading: 140-160
Speaking: 0-16
Writing: 0-16
Total (mapped against Common European Framework of Reference): 1-6 (6 being excellent)

The Test

Reading: 3-4 passages; 36-56 questions; 60-80 minutes
Listening: Various listening tasks; 34-51 questions; 60-90 minutes
10-minute break
Speaking: 6 tasks; 20 minutes
Writing: 1 essay response and 1 opinion piece; 50 minutes
(Total: about 4.5 hours)

TOEFL Paper-delivered Test
Listening: 34 questions; 60 minutes
Reading: 42 questions; 60 minutes
Writing: 2 tasks; 50 minutes

TOEFL Junior Standard
Listening: 42 questions; 40 minutes
Language Form and Meaning: 42 questions; 25 minutes
Reading: 42 questions; 50 minutes

TOEFL Junior Comprehensive
Reading: 36 questions; 41 minutes
Listening: 36 questions; 36 minutes
Speaking: 4 questions; 18 minutes
Writing: 4 tasks; 39 minutes