The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

For some time a hungry wolf had walked around a flock of sheep; every time it came too close, however, the shepherd and his dog would chase the wolf away.
One day the wolf found an old sheep skin that had been thrown away. This gave it an idea, and it put the sheep’s skin over its body, hiding its own fur.
Dressed like a sheep, the wolf found it easy to walk into the flock of sheep. Once there, a lamb started to follow it, thinking this was its mother. The wolf led the lamb into the forest, and ate it.
The wolf continued to slowly eat the flock of sheep, one by one, over the next week. Meanwhile, as he had not seen the wolf for some time, the shepherd decided he could relax and make some lamb for his dinner. He chose the biggest sheep and killed it. The wolf was dead.

Moral: 1. Things are not always how they look
2. If you pretend to be something that you are not, you may get into trouble you had not expected.

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