The Tortoise and The Hare

There once was a hare who was always boasting about how fast he could run. One day he said to the other animals, “I’m so fast that no one can beat me. I dare anyone here to a race.”
The tortoise said quietly, “I will race you.”
“You!” laughed the hare. “That’s a joke! Why, I could run circles around you all the way.”
“Save your boasting until you’ve won,” said the tortoise. “Shall we race?”
So the race began. The hare darted almost out of sight at once, and very soon he was far ahead of the tortoise, who moved along at a steady, even pace.
The hare knew he was far ahead, so he stopped and said, “I think I’ll take a little nap. When I wake up, I can zip ahead of the tortoise without even trying.”
So the hare settled into a nice sleep. And he was still asleep when the tortoise passed by. And when the hare finally woke up, he looked ahead, and what did he see? The tortoise was just crossing the finish line to win the race!

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race

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