The Present Tense (Passive Voice)

1. Review: the present tense

The present tense is used to describe things that are true:
a) things that are true now
b) things that are always or generally true
c) schedules
d) opinions

To make the present tense, use:
verb (in simple form)

verb in simple formexample
doI do my homework every night.
goHe goes to school on Monday.
haveWe have three cats.
likeChris likes tall girls.
buySheryl buys a new car every year.

2. Turning the present tense into its passive voice

The passive voice changes ‘x did something to y’ into ‘y had something done to it by x’.

To turn the present tense into its passive voice:
1. swap the subject and object
2. change the present tense verb into ‘be + p.p.’

*Perfect participle (p.p.) = gone, done, seen, eaten etc.

Present tensePresent tense (passive)
Jules likes Henry.Henry is liked by Jules.
She owns the company.The company is owned by her.
I wash the dishes every day.The dishes are washed every day.
Owen tidies the house each morning.The house is tidied by Owen each morning.
Lotti writes spy books.Spy books are written by Lotti.

3. Exercises

1. Change these sentences into the passive voice:
(i) Someone cuts my hair every two weeks.
(ii) The dog barks at the postman every morning.
(iii) The motor turns the wheels at 100 revolutions per second.

2. Change these sentences out of the passive voice:
(i) 90% of the class are being failed by the teacher.
(ii) The latest war is fought by the drug dealers against the police.
(iii) Every movie he makes is panned by critics.

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