The Future Tense (Passive Voice)

1. Review: the future tense

The future tense is used to talk about what will happen in the future.

To make the future tense, use:
1. will + v. or
2. be going to + v.

will + v.be going to + v.
I will go to class on Monday.Frank is going to take a taxi to the bank.
He will steal the car tomorrow.They are going to have a fight.

2. Turning the future tense into its passive voice

The passive voice changes ‘x did something to y’, to ‘y had something done to it by x’.

To make the passive voice of the future tense:
1. swap the subject and object
2. change ‘will …’ to ‘will be + p.p.’

*Perfect participle (p.p.) = gone, done, seen, eaten etc.

*Alternatively, ‘is going to be + p.p.’ can be used

3. Examples changing future tense into future (passive)

FutureFuture passive
I will do the dishes after dinner.The dishes will be done after dinner.
Louise will prepare the room on Saturday.The room will be prepared by Louise on Saturday.
Peter and Younis will close their company next month.The company will be closed by Peter and Younis next month.

4. More future (passive) examples

will bep.p.by…future timefull sentence
the dinner will becookedby the stafftonightThe dinner will be cooked by the staff tonight.
the car will bestolenby the boytomorrowThe car will be stolen by the boy tomorrow.
the penalty will betakenby JonesThe penalty will be taken by Jones.
be going to bep.p.by…future timefull sentence
I am going to bemetby JuliaI am going to be met by Julia.
The match is going to bereplayedtomorrowThe match is going to be replayed tomorrow.
Kitty is going to befiredKitty is going to be fired for poor behaviour.

Note: The future time can be placed at the start or at the end.

Future time at endFuture time at start
The dinner will be cooked by the staff tonight.Tonight the dinner will be cooked by the staff.

5. Exercises

1. Change these sentences in the passive voice.
(i) They will be rowing the boat with all their strength.
(ii) Armstrong’s will publish the book.
(iii) We will be giving free speakers with these computers.

2. Change these sentences out of the passive voice.
(i) The exams will be taken on Tuesday.
(ii) Everyone who helped will be rewarded by the management.
(iii) The game will be cancelled by the referee because of the bad weather.

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