The Lion and The Mouse

One day a little mouse was running along when he happened to run across the paws of a big sleeping lion. This woke the lion – and the lion did not like to be woken up before he was ready! The lion was very angry at being disturbed, and he grabbed the mouse in his big paw. He was just about to swallow him when the mouse cried out,
“Please, kind sir, I didn’t mean to disturb you. If you will let me go, I will be grateful to you forever. And if I can, I will help you some day.”
The lion laughed a big laugh. How, he thought, could such a little creature as a mouse ever help so great a creature as a lion? All the same, the lion decided to let the mouse go.
Not long after, the mouse was running along when he heard a great roaring nearby. He went closer to see what the trouble was, and there he saw the lion, caught in a hunter’s net. The mouse remembered his promise to the lion, and he began gnawing the ropes of the net, and kept gnawing until he had made a hole big enough so the lion could get free.

Moral: Little friends may be great friends

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