The Future Tense

1. What is the future?

The future is time that has not happened yet.

Examples of future times:

in 2 days timeat 10 o’clock
next weekon Monday
next monthafter I get home
in 5 years timewhen I am old

To talk about events in the future, use the future tense.

2. How to make the future tense

There are two ways to make the future tense:

  • subject + will + verb
  • subject + (be) going to + verb
will + verb(be) going to + verb
Tomorrow the weather will be hot and sunny.Tomorrow the weather is going to be hot and sunny. Again.
I think Aberdeen will lose at football.I think Aberdeen are going to lose at football. Again.
I’m hungry. I think I will make a sandwich.They’re going to meet us at the cinema.
If you ask her to marry you, I’m sure she’ll say yes.The glass is too close to the edge of the table. It’s going to fall.
The Prime Minister will make an announcement tomorrow in which he will announce the new trade deal.Ahhhh! We’re going to crash!

3. Future questions

To make ‘yes/no’ future tense questions, use:

  • will + subject + verb (+ future time) or
  • be + subject + going to + verb (+ future time)

Question words (why, what, how, etc.) can be added to the front of the structure:

  • Question word + will + subject + verb (+ future time) or
  • Question word + be + subject + going to + verb (+ future time)

*Note: The future time is not always needed.

question wordwillsubjectverbfuture timefull question
wherewillhegotonightWhere will he go tonight?
whenwillwemeetWhen will we meet?
willyouseeon SaturdayWill you see Mandy on Saturday?
question wordbesubjectgoing toverbfuture timefull question
howishegoing togonext yearHow is he going to go to Paris next year?
whyaretheygoing tosellWhy are they going to sell their house?
isRyokogoing tomarrysoonIs Ryoko going to marry him soon?

4. Examples of the future tense

I will go to the zoo after school today.Will you talk to your father about giving you a job?
The game will be played on Saturday.Will Mary be at the party tonight?
We are going to eat at the expensive restaurant for my birthday.When will the exam be?
The movie is going to be released on May 1st.What is the weather going to be like tomorrow?