The Ant and The Grasshopper

It was a warm summers day in the field and the grasshopper was enjoying itself, hopping about, singing and dancing.
Nearby an ant was hard at work building its house and filling it with food for the winter.
‘Silly ant’ the grasshopper thought. ‘There is food everywhere. Why is it wasting a beautiful day?’
Every day that summer was the same: the ant worked hard, and the grasshopper played and sang a happy song:

“The summertime’s the time for me,
For then I am happy as can be,
I watch the butterflies and the bees,
I do whatever I may please.
I do not work the livelong day,
I pass the time in fun and play.
Oh, the summertime’s the time for me,
For I’m as happy as can be!”

Summertime, however, did not last forever, and soon the weather began to change. The air got colder, and each day the sun came up for less time. The leaves changed colour, and the flowers, butterflies and bees all began to disappear. Then, after autumn, winter arrived, and it began to snow.
The grasshopper was cold and hungry. He remembered the ant and its food, so knocked on its door.
“May I come in and have some of your food? It’s so cold outside, and I’m so hungry.”
The ant looked at him.
“Did you not save any food from the summer?”
“No” said the grasshopper. “I was busy singing and dancing.”
“Well” said the ant, “you sang and danced while I worked, so you can sing and dance while I eat.”
And it closed the door, with the grasshopper still outside. The grasshopper walked away, now singing a sad song:

“I did no work all summer long
And now I know that I was wrong.
It isn’t fair for me to play
While others work the livelong day.
Next time I’ll work as well as dance,
Then I’ll be ready, like the ant.”

Moral: Prepare for times of need

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