What is a simile?

Similes are used to compare two things using ‘as … as…’ or ‘…is like…’.

How to make a simile

1. as (adj) as (noun)
2. (v.) like …

Common similes

  1. as (adj.) as (noun)
as blind as a batas mad as a hatter
as busy as a beeas old as the hills
as clean as a whistleas pure as snow
as cold as iceas quick as lightning
as dead as a dodoas quiet as a mouse
as deaf as a postas sharp as a razor
as delicate as a floweras silent as the dead
as easy as ABCas slow as a snail
as dry as a boneas slippery as an eel
as free as a birdas solid as a rock
as hot as Hellas white as a sheet
as hungry as a wolf

2. (v.) like …

it fits like a gloveshe sings like an angel
he eats like a pigI slept like a log
she swims like a fishmy love is like a red, red rose
they stood out like a sore thumbher eyes twinkled like stars
they fought like cats and dogsshe’s sweet like honey
she has eyes like a hawkhe drinks like a fish
it broke like a cheap pair of heelshe ran like the wind
it flies like a birdit bounced like a ball
she sings like a bird


Although there are common similes in English, using your imagination can make your English speaking and writing a lot more interesting

He is as angry as….
They are as thin as…
He jumps like a …
They work as hard as…
She hits like…
She dances like…