Extended and imaginative similes

Using your imagination you can make similes that are unique, amusing, or simply more interesting than normal.


When Boomer danced he looked like a monkey on roller skates juggling razor blades in a hurricane

– Tom Robbins
Arnold Schwarzenneger looks like a condom full of walnuts

– Clive James
I love you like a fat kid loves cake

– 50 Cent
He shines and stinks like rotten mackerel by moonlight

– John Randolph
Giving money and power to government is like giving whisky and car keys to teenage boys

– PJ O’Rourke
Now that I have my fire I’m as happy as a Frenchman who’s just invented a pair of self-removing trousers

– Blackadder
Books are like imprisoned souls till someone takes them down from a shelf and frees them

– Samuel Butler
Life is like a taxi: the meter keeps on ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still

– Anonymous
Society is like a stew: if you don’t stir it up once in a while, then a layer of scum floats to the top

– Edward Abbey
A woman is like a shadow: follow her, she flies; fly from her, she follows

– Nicholas C. Hamfort
Listening to the 5th Symphony of Ralph Vaughn Williams is like staring at a cow for 45 minutes

– Aaron Copland
Men are like payphones: some of them take your money. Most of them don’t work, and when you find one that does, someone else is on it

– Catherine Franco
That man’s ears make him look like a taxi with both doors open

– Howard Hughes


Make imaginative similes to describe:
1. your teacher
2. an angry person
3. an ugly person
4. a beautiful person
5. your house