equally - Dave likes to eat ice cream. He is equally fond of cake. This is why he is fat.

Sylvia likes rabbits. She is equally fond of blood.

Philip is attracted to girls who have short hair. He equally likes girls who are tall. But, he doesn’t want a tall girl with short hair.

likewise – Crazy Jerry found that he liked kicking tortoises. Likewise, throwing turtles was fun. Unfortunately the tortoises had the last laugh because Jerry broke his leg.

Sylvia the idiot enjoys watching violent movies. Likewise, watching people die also floats her boat.

similarly – Dave is good at drinking. Crazy Jerry is similarly good.

correspondingly – Pete got drunk by having 5 beers. Anna got correspondingly wasted on half a glass of shandy.

Dave and Sylvia both wanted to go to the hospital to impress the pretty nurse. Dave ate a poisonous pie so he had to go. Sylvia, correspondingly, drank some pesticide. Unfortunately they both died.

in the same way – Jerry bought a box of vanilla soda and drank them all in a single day in the same way as a thirsty hippo would attack a bottle of Evian.