The in-depth grammar guide is designed to move students from the easiest elements to the more complex.

Level 1

S.V.O. ‘Be’ Questions
Determiners ‘Do’ Questions
Singulars and PluralsPossessives
The Present TenseBasic Prepositions
Conjugating VerbsConjunctions
The Present Continuous

Level 2

Prepositions of TimeImperatives
Reflexive Pronouns‘Used to’ vs. ‘Used for’
Frequency 1 (always, usually…)The Past Tense
Frequency 2 (every)The Future Tense (simple)
Frequency 3 (…a…. vs. …every…)Feeling Sick
Two Verbs TogetherAdverbs

Level 3

Ago/Before vs. In…time/afterSimiles
Used to vs. Didn’t use toThe Past Continuous Tense
Too + quantityWhich one?
The Present Perfect TenseComparisons
The Present Perfect Tense + since/forSuperlatives
Basic ModalsThe Future Tense: ‘will’ vs. ‘going to’

Level 4

The Future Continuous TenseThe Present Tense (Passive Voice)
The Present Perfect + already/still/just/yetThe Present Continuous Tense (Passive Voice)
Stative vs. Active VerbsThe Past Tense (Passive Voice)
The Present Perfect Continuous TenseThe Past Continuous Tense (Passive Voice)
Get + (n.) vs. Get + (adj)The Future Tense (Passive Voice)
Tag QuestionsThe Future Continuous Tense (Passive Voice)
Phrasal Verbs vs. Prepositional VerbsIf: The 0 Conditional
Splitting Phrasal VerbsIf: The 1st Conditional
Wish + Past TenseIf: The 2nd Conditional
Wish + Past PerfectIf: The 3rd Conditional

Level 5

The Past Perfect TenseThe Future Perfect Continuous Tense (Passive Voice)
The Future Perfect TenseDon’t Do That!
The Past Perfect Continuous TenseCommands and Instructions
The Future Perfect Continuous TenseAdverbial Clauses
The Present Perfect Tense (Passive Voice)Relative Clauses
The Past Perfect Tense (Passive Voice)Reported Speech
The Future Perfect Tense (Passive Voice)Modals of Advice
The Past Perfect Continuous Tense (Passive Voice)

Level 6

Embedded QuestionsHypotheticals
Even though vs. DespiteWish vs. Hope
People vs. Persons Reduced Adverbial Clauses
Should/Could/Would/Must + haveFronted Structures
Invitations and Offers The Zero Article
So, Such & Very
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