Part 1

Interviewer: So, Anna, thank you for coming in today.
Anna: No problem. I’m very happy to be here.
Interviewer: So, shall we start? As you know we are looking for a new HR Manager and, from looking at your resume, we think you might fit the bill.
Anna: Thank you.
Interviewer: So, first up let me explain a little about the job. It requires wearing a few different hats, but the chief responsibility is recruitment and then implementing the company training programme. There is also a little admin, but nothing too strenuous, and most of that can be delegated – as manager you would have a team of 4 working under you.
Anna: Actually, I was in charge of the administration at my last company too.
Interviewer: Great. Obviously we’ll have someone help you with orientation – show you the ropes – but I don’t think it will be a big problem for you. The biggest challenge really is the hiring: we have a lot of temps and interns at this company, so we always need new blood. It goes without saying we would prefer not to have a conveyor belt of staff, but that is the situation we find ourselves in.
Anna: Does the company have an existing recruitment process?
Interviewer: Yes, but it is very much just a skeleton structure. We’d be very happy if you could flesh that out a bit more, make it a bit more professional. We often have to go to recruitment companies, and those can rack up the fees.
Anna: I understand. How about the training?
Interviewer: The training is not a problem: we do it all in-house, and we have our own people for that. You only need to coordinate it, and maybe lay some groundwork. For example, give some background on the company and go through the manual with them.
Anna: I think I can do that. Can I ask who I need to report to?
Interviewer: Your supervisor is the branch manager, Ms. Thomas. I’ll introduce you to her in a bit, but she’s pretty amiable. You’ll not have any problems with her.


Part 2

Realco, a dynamic company in the marketing sector, are looking for a new Head of Sales. Key responsibilities include:
– Maintain and build upon existing client portfolios
– Design new sales platforms and pitches
Develop new markets through identifying and contacting new potential clients
– Train new staff
– Achieve monthly sales targets and report to the Regional Manager
Represent the company at various sales functions
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Part 3

Between 2008 and 2012, a survey was done of Canadian companies as to the most common reasons they fired employees. The list reads:
1. Dishonesty, evasion, or lack of integrity
2. Lying on a resume
3. Refusing to follow directions
4. Wasting time, misusing company time, or conducting personal business during work
5. Unreliability
6. Inability to work with others
7. Insufficient skills
8. Slow or sloppy work
9. High absenteeism rate
10. Drug and/or alcohol abuse

*The list, and more information, can be found at