Part 1

Dave: Hi Philip.
Philip: Hi Dave. Please, come in, come in.
Dave: Philip, this is my friend Anna. She lives in London too.
Philip: Hi Anna. Pleased to meet you.
Anna: Pleased to meet you. You have a nice house.
Philip: Thank you.
Dave: What are you doing Philip?
Philip: Nothing special. I’m watching TV. Please, sit down. Do you want some tea?
Dave: Yes, please.
Anna: No, thanks.
Philip: Ok, I will be right back.


Part 2

Philip: Here’s your tea Dave. So, Anna, what do you do?
Anna: I’m a doctor.
Philip: Really? That is a good job.
Anna: It is OK. How about you?
Philip: I’m a teacher. I teach Chinese.
Anna: Oh, that is interesting.
Philip: What do you like?
Anna: I really like tennis.
Philip: I like table tennis, but I’m not good at tennis.
Anna: I’m quite good at tennis, but not good at table tennis. I am OK at badminton.
Philip: Really? Ok, we can play badminton. What is your telephone number? I’ll call you this week.


Part 3

Dave has a friend named Philip. He lives in Cambridge in a nice house, and is a Chinese teacher. He likes table tennis, but is not good at tennis. Dave goes to see Philip every week. Philip is a nice guy.
Dave has another friend, named Anna. She is a doctor and lives in London. She is good at tennis. She sees Dave every day. Philip thinks Anna is cute. This week Anna and Philip want to play badminton.


Part 4

Philip knows a bit about Anna. He knows that she is 24, is a doctor, and likes tennis. He also knows that she is not good at table tennis, but is OK at badminton. He knows that her telephone number is 15629830247, and she lives in London. Her email address is annaenglish42@gmail.com, and her address is 201, 45 Woods Street, Brixton, London. Her parents live in Edinburgh, and Anna has a brother.


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