queen bee

meaning: the most important woman in the group

1. “There is no doubt that Anne is the queen bee in the office; whatever she says is listened to by everyone.”
(just) a question/matter of time

meaning: it will certainly happen, we just don’t know when

1. The people will get tired of these politics soon. It is just a question of time.

2. Anna and Phil will break up; it is just a question of time.
quick off the mark

meaning: very fast to get started

1. Ruth only arrived ten minutes ago, but she has already found her table and finished two boxes. I don’t know why she was so quick off the mark, but I am happy that she was.

2. “Dave already has the new album? He’s quick off the mark: it only went on sale yesterday.”
quick fix

meaning: the quickest, easiest solution, but one that will probably break soon

1. The reason this company is in trouble is because they don’t look for the right solution, but instead the quick fix.

2. “I’m not looking for a change of my personality. I just want a quick fix so I can feel better about myself for a few days.”
quiet before the storm

meaning: a period of quiet and peace before the major problems arrive

1. “Things have been a lot more peaceful at work recently.”
“Yes, but I think this is the quiet before the storm: Phil and Dave are back next week, and the rumours are that they are going to fire some people.”