The Future Perfect Continuous Tense

1. What is the future perfect continuous tense?

The future perfect continuous tense is used to:

1. say how long an event will have been happening at a future time.
2. give a reason for a state in the future.

The future continuous needs a specific future time (e.g. 6pm, the end of the week). The sentence then says how long an unfinished action will have been happening at that time, or a continuing action that causes a physical or emotional state at that time.


2. How to make the future perfect continuous tense

The future continuous tense is:
will have been …ing

To make future perfect continuous tense sentences, use:
1) will have been …ing + duration + future time
2) future state + future time + because + will have been …ing

*The time can be put at the start or at the end.


will have been …ingdurationFuture timeFull sentence
will have been studyingfor six monthsby the end of this yearHe will have been studying Korean for six months by the end of this year.
will have been datingfor a monthby this time next weekWe will have been dating for a month by this time next week.


Future stateTimeWill have been …ingFull sentence
he will be tiredwhen he comes homewill have been runningHe will be tired when he comes home because he will have been running.
she will be angry(later)will have been answeringShe will be angry because she will have been answering phone calls all day.


3. Exercises

  1. Choose a time in the future, and say how long you will have been doing it.
  2. Pick a feeling you will have in the future, and explain why you will be feeling that way.
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