Expressing an Alternative


I could play computer games. Alternatively I could watch TV.

One option tonight is to go drinking with my boss. Alternatively I could stay home at get shouted at by my wife. Decisions, decisions…


It’s raining. Why don’t we go to the cinema rather than going to the park?

on the other hand

I could buy this sofa. On the other hand I could buy a new 44-inch TV.

I’m thirsty now and I want a cold drink, but my vanilla soda is warm. On one hand I could drink it now. On the other hand I could go and buy some ice, which will take me 20 minutes.

the alternative is

Alice, do your homework!
I don’t want to!
Well, the alternative is I throw your phone out the window.

My boss wants me to go drinking with him, which I really don’t want to do. However, the alternative is saying no and then getting fired on Monday, so I guess I have to go.

another possibility would be

He could get some food after the game. The other possibility is to pick up some KFC on the way to the stadium.

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