What is AB51?

AB51 is an on-going collection of resources compiled from, and for, genuine English classes to non-native speakers.

As well as language components, elements of western culture are included for broader inspiration; meanwhile advice on exam preparation and information for traveling, studying and moving abroad give practical ideas.

    AB51’s Philosophy

For both learning a language and being an effective teacher, students’ enthusiasm is the first step: the want to improve changes a battle into a pleasure, and often leads to the best results. While one website can only do so much, AB51 aims to lay on a wide variety of resources that offers at least one area of interest to users.

Aware that different students learn most effectively via different methods – speaking, listening, reading, writing, kinetic, melody – the site tries to use multiple platforms to convey ideas. As a constantly developing site, such presentation methods will evolve and improve in time.

    Who is behind it?

The site was devised and written by Jamie Wills, a teacher, DoS and consultant who spent more than a decade working in schools within China.

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