Part 1

Dave: Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to George Square?
Local: George Square? Let’s see. Ok, head down this road for another 5 minutes, and when you get to West Nicholson Street take a left. Then take the first right, and then the first left.
Dave: Do you know if there is a post office on the way?
Local: I’m not sure. But there is one about 10 minutes back that way. It’s on the corner of Clerk Street and Bernard Terrace.
Dave: Is it easy to find?
Local: Oh, very easy. When you get to the traffic lights, you’ll see it on the corner.
Dave: That’s great. Thanks a lot.


Part 2

Anna: Excuse me. Do you know where this is?
Policeman: Home Street? Let me think. Ah, yes. It’s not far. Go straight, and then take the first right. Go along that road, and take the second left. It’ll be on your right.
Anna: Thanks.
Anna: I’m lost. I don’t think that policeman knew the way. (to stranger) Excuse me. Do you know where Home Street is?
Stranger: Oh god, you’re in totally the wrong place.
Anna: Really? Oh no. How far is it from here?
Stranger: Pretty far. By taxi: about ten minutes. Walking: about 45. Or you could take the number 15 bus. Or the 927.
Anna: Urgh, Ok. Thanks.


Part 3

I’m terrible at directions. Last week my friends were laughing at me because I didn’t know anything.
First, they asked me how to get to the bank. I said it was the first right, second left, and third right. That was totally wrong. Really, it is second right, second left, and fourth right.
Then they asked me how to get to the train station. I said it was the third left, then the first right. That was totally wrong too. Really, it is the third right, then the first right.
Finally they asked if I know how to get home. I told them that is easy: take a taxi.


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