Casual Chat

Part 1

Dave: Hey Pete, how’s it going?
Pete: Can’t complain. How about you?
Dave: Oh, same old same old. Listen, what are you up to Friday night? Me and some of my friends were thinking of having a poker night. You know, play a little cards, knock back a few beverages.
Pete: Sure, I’m up for a few brewskis. I’m not much of a poker player, mind.
Dave: Ah, that doesn’t matter, we’re only pushing pennies around. Nobody loses more than a couple of quid.
Pete: OK, count me in. What time is everyone getting there?
Dave: Well, I said 7, but I guess it’ll be 8 before everyone drifts in.
Pete: Alright, I’m there. Hey, I’ve got to run, but I’ll see you on Friday.
Dave: No sweat. See you Friday.


Part 2

Emili: Hey Claire, how it’s going? It’s been a while.
Claire: Gosh, hi there Emili. Long time no see. How are you?
Emili: I’m great. Just great. How about you? And what are you doing around these parts? Last I heard you and Alex were planning on moving to Dubai.
Claire: Yeah, that fell through at the last minute, sadly. But I’m fine. Indeed, I’m better than fine: I have some news. We’re expecting.
Emili: Really? Congratulations. Wow. I never pictured you as one to have a little rugrat running around your ankles. When are you due?
Claire: Oh, not for another 6 months. I have to say I never thought of myself as a mum either, but actually I’m quite excited.
Emili: I’ll bet. How is Alex taking it?
Claire: Very well, considering. I mean, he’s under so much pressure at work, and what with the Dubai thing not working out, it’s been a rough couple of months for him. Then I spring this on him. If he’s about to have a breakdown, he’s hiding it well.
Emili: Well, he has no right to complain anyways: it takes two to make a baby. Plus, he’ll make a great dad.
Claire: He will. Hey, are you doing anything right now? Fancy some lunch?
Emili: Sure, why not. It’ll be nice to catch up.


Part 3

Philip: Hey there Pumpkin. How are things?
Anna: Oh, I’m stressing out. My boss is all over me about this stupid report I haven’t finished. On top of that I have to plan this dumb-ass work do for the end of the week. Anyway, you don’t want to hear about that. How’re you doing?
Philip: Meh. A little tired, but I’ll survive. What do you fancy doing tonight?
Anna: First things first, I need to get out of these work clothes.
Philip: Sure thing. It’s just that I was thinking we could head out to the pub a bit later.
Anna: I’m Ok with that. Oh, Dave asked me to tell you he’s having a poker night on Friday, if you fancy it.
Philip: A poker night? He must be skint again. He only ever organises poker night when he’s broke.


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