Part 1

Ticket Agent: Good morning. How can I help you?
Dave: Hi. I would like to buy a ticket to Washington please.
Ticket Agent: Certainly. When do you want to go?
Dave: Tomorrow afternoon, please. Around 2 o’clock is best.
Ticket Agent: Let me see. We have a train at 2.07, if that is Ok.
Dave: That’s perfect.
Ticket Agent: Do you want one-way, or return?
Dave: One-way please.
Ticket Agent: Alright. That will be $48 please. Do you want to pay by cash or by card?
Dave: Cash. Here’s $50.
Ticket Agent: And $2 change. Have a nice day.


Part 2

Ticket Seller: Good evening, how can I help you?
Samantha: Could I get 2 tickets to the 9pm showing of ‘Batman’ please?
Ticket Seller: I’m sorry, the 9pm showing has sold out. We do have tickets for the 9 30 screening.
Samantha: That’ll do. Can we have seats near the back?
Ticket Seller: Sure. Take a look at the seating chart and tell me which ones you would like.
Samantha: (looking at seating chart) I think these 2 are fine.
Ticket Seller: Ok. 2 tickets for the 9 30 showing of Batman comes to £15.50
Samantha: Gosh, it’s expensive. Can I pay by card?
Ticket Seller: Of course. (takes card) Can you enter your PIN? (Samantha enters PIN) And sign your name here. Thank you.
Samantha: Which way do I go to get there?
Ticket Seller: The movie is in screen 2. Just go through those doors, and it is on the left.
Samantha: Thanks very much.
Ticket Seller: Enjoy the film.


Part 3

Last Tuesday I wanted to take the bus into the city centre, so I went to the bus stop. I waited and waited and waited. Then, it began to rain. I didn’t have an umbrella or a coat  so I got very wet and cold. Finally, the bus arrived. I bought my ticket from the driver, and sat down. The other passengers were all dry and warm.
After I got off the bus I wanted to go to the museum. The rain was light now, not heavy, so I walked to the museum. When I got there I saw the museum was very busy because a school was on a school trip. About 100 children were outside, and they were very loud. I waited and waited and waited. Finally I bought my ticket and got into the museum.

Inside the museum I saw that the rain had stopped. Stupid rain. I was hungry, so I went to the snack bar. There was no one there, only a sign saying ‘Back in 5 minutes’. I waited and waited and waited. I got very hungry. Finally the worker came back and I bought a bag of crisps.

In the evening I went to the cinema. I wanted to watch the 6 o’clock showing, but the tickets had sold out. The next tickets were for 7 o’clock. I waited and waited and waited. I bought another bag of crisps. Finally, the movie started.

After the movie finished, I wanted to go home. I went back to the bus stop. I waited and waited and waited. It began to rain again. I got wet and cold again. After 45 minutes I thought ‘Where is the bus?’. I looked at the bus timetable. It said the last bus was 5 minutes before I got there. I wanted to die.


Part 4

If you are buying a plane ticket, you will have to choose what sort of ticket you want:
a) Economy, business, or 1st class?
b) One-way, or return?
c) Direct, or with a stopover?
d) Window, middle, or aisle?

If you are buying a cinema ticket, you will also need to choose what kind of ticket you want:
a) Which movie?
b) What time?
c) Which seats?
d) Seats together, or apart?

If you are buying an entrance ticket (to a park, or interesting place) you probably won’t need to choose what type of ticket you want. The only question is: do you want to go in?