Useful vocabulary and phrases

managermaitre d
I have been waiting for (time)This is cold
My …hasn’t arrived yetIt hasn’t been cooked properly
We’re missing our ….It is still pink in the middle
I didn’t order thisThis wine is corked
This …tastes off
This is on the house.It’s on us.


Dialogue 1

“Excuse me, my food hasn’t come yet.”
“I’m sorry. What was it you ordered?”
“The lamb cutlet. I’ve been waiting for 45 minutes.”
“I do apologise. Let me go talk to the chef and see what the delay is.”

Dialogue 2

“Excuse me, but there is a hair in my soup.”
“Oh dear. Let me get you another one.”

Dialogue 3

“Sorry, but we don’t seem to have any cutlery.”
“Let me sort that for you now.”

Dialogue 4

“Waiter! There’s a dead cockroach in my soup.”
“Oh my. I’m very sorry. Let me take that away.”
“I’d like to speak to the maitre d please.”

Dialogue 5

“Good evening sir, I am the manager. I must apologise for the incident earlier. I’m so very sorry. Please, your meal tonight is on the house, and also have this bottle of wine on us.”
“Hmm, you know it isn’t sanitary to have cockroaches in your kitchen.”
“Yes, sir. Please accept our deepest apologies.”