Useful vocabulary and phrases

check inkey
check outkeycard
showerliving room
conciergebusiness center
restaurantroom service
swimming poolcomplimentary breakfast
Do you have any rooms?Do you have anything with a….(balcony/sea view)?
I’d like a… (single/double/twin/family)
I’d like to check in.What time does the ….open/close?
I have a room booked under the name….Can somebody take my bags for me?
What time is check out?
Is breakfast included?Can I put that on my room?
Where is the ….? (restaurant/swimming pool/sauna/business center)Can I charge that to my room?
My room doesn’t have a….The….doesn’t work.
Can I get another….?How does the…work?
Can I get an extra….?Can someone come and fix the… my room?
Can I rent a/some….?How do I…(get to…/make an outside call/book tickets/hire a car)?
Can I borrow a/some…?Do you sell….here? (stamps/postcards/sunscreen/goggles)
Can I book a taxi?How do I get to…?
Can I order some room service?Where is the nearest…?
Can I have an alarm call/wake-up call?


Dialogue 1

“Who is next please?”
“Hi. Do you have any rooms available?”
“Certainly. What type would you like? Single? Double? Twin?”
“Just a single is fine, thanks.”
“Ok. Singles come in at $25 a night, with a $50 deposit. How many nights are you staying with us?”
“Just one.”
“Ok. If you can fill out this form and let me see some ID we’ll be good to go.”
“Sure. Oh, and can I have an alarm call?”
“Yes, certainly. What time?”
“4am please.”
“Ok. And here is your key. Room number 204. Take the stairs up to the second floor, and it is on your right.”
“Thank you.”

Dialogue 2

“Hello. I have a room booked under the name ‘Smith’.”
“Ok. Let me check…ah, yes. Do you have your passport with you?”
“Thank you. So we have you booked in to a family room for 4 nights, is that correct?”
“Very good. So you’re booked until the 27th. Just to let you know a few things about the hotel: the restaurant is on the 2nd floor, and breakfast is served until 10am. There is a business center on the first floor, and massage and ticket center on the 8th floor. The pools are behind the hotel, along with a table tennis table and volleyball court.”
“Here is your key card – room 807. Take the elevator up to the eighth floor and the room will be on the right. Do you want someone to help you with your bags?”
“No no, I’ve got them.”
“Ok. If you have any questions you can come to reception or call 0 from your room. Enjoy your stay.”

Dialogue 3

“How may I help you?”
“I wondering how I can buy some theater tickets.”
“The hotel can book those for you Ma’am. Just speak to the concierge who is situated at that desk right over there.”

Dialogue 4

“Hi. Do you sell postcards here?”
“Yes we do Sir. Let me show you what we have.”
“Thank you. And how about stamps?”
“Certainly, we have local and international stamps too.”
“Great. I’ll take these two postcards and a couple of stamps. Can I charge them to my room, or do I have to pay in cash?”
“We can charge them to your room. What’s your room number?”
“It’s 1212.”
“1212. Ok. The total for the two postcards and two international stamps is $6.25. And if you can just sign here we’ll put that on your room.”