Part 1

Samantha: Hi Dave. I think you took my book home yesterday after class by mistake.
Dave: Oh my god, I did. I’m so sorry. Here you are.
Samantha: It’s quite alright. Listen, are you free on Saturday for lunch?
Dave: Oh, gosh. Sorry, I’m afraid not. I have to visit my parents that day.
Samantha: No problem. Oh, did you talk to Mr. Brooks about the homework?
Dave: Oh, no, I completely forgot. I’ll do that today.
Samantha: It’s OK. One last thing: did you bring that money you owe me?
Dave: Oh, umm, I’ll bring it to you tomorrow.
Samantha: Right. Well, no rush.


Part 2

Emili: Hi. Welcome home! How was the trip?
Anna: Very good, thanks. And thank you for looking after the house.
Emili: No problem. Although there were a few small problems.
Anna: Really? Like what?
Emili: Umm. Firstly, I got hungry so I ate your chocolates. I’ll replace them.
Anna: Oh, that’s not a big deal.
Emili: And I broke a cup. I’ll buy you another.
Anna: Never mind.
Emili: I think I threw away a bowl by mistake too.
Anna: A bowl isn’t important. Don’t worry about that.
Emili: And I lost the keys you gave me.
Anna: Oh. Anything else?
Emili: And your cat is dead.
Anna: What?!
Emili: I’m so so sorry.


Part 3

My friend Max is too apologetic: he is always saying sorry. Last week, for example, he forgot to do his homework. When the teacher told him off, Max said sorry for 5 minutes. Two weeks ago he took my pen home by mistake. He bought me 5 pens to replace it. And three weeks ago, he broke a door handle. He paid the shopkeeper $20 to buy a new one.
My other friend Sue finds it very difficult to say sorry. Last week she lost a book. She said her dog had eaten it. Last month she broke my computer. She said she hadn’t done it. Last year she crashed my car. She said nothing.


Part 4

1. You borrow a book from a friend. You spill tea on a page. Do you:
a) tell your friend, and apologise?
b) tell your friend, apologise, and buy a new one?
c) say nothing and hope your friend doesn’t see it?

2. You forget to bring your friend some money you owe. Do you:
a) rush to the bank and take out some money?
b) say sorry, and promise to bring it next time?
c) do nothing, and hope your friend forgets?

3. You get drunk and kiss your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend. Do you:
a) tell your friend, and say it won’t happen again?
b) say nothing?
c) do it again, and steal your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?

4. You run over your friend’s cat. Do you:
a) say sorry?
b) cry and say sorry?
c) drive away very quickly and hope nobody saw you?