Major News Carriers

Reuters (Agency)NY Times (US)
Associated Press (Agency)Wall Street Journal (US)
BBC News (UK) Voice of America (US)
The Times (UK) The Washington Post (US)
The Guardian (UK)USA Today (US)
The Independent (UK) The Australian (Aus)

Current Affair Magazines

The AtlanticTime
The Economist


The Sun (UK)US Weekly (US)
The Daily Mail (UK)National Enquirer (US)
The Mirror (UK)New York Daily News (US)

Specialist Titles

National Geographic (UK) Readers Digest (UK)
National Geographic (US) Readers Digest (US)

Investigative Journalism

Private Eye (UK)The Intercept
Unreported World (UK)Wikileaks


The Onion (US)

Alternative Angles and Curiosities

Vice Weekly World News
Cracked North Korean News