Other websites that can help with your English.

General English Learning Sites

BBC English
British Council
VOA English
Using English
English Page


The Australian Network – excellent video site for practicing and learning.
Good Luck IELTS – has a good page of probable IELTS (Parts 1 & 2) speaking questions

3D Classrooms

English Adventureland – Following the success of avatar worlds such as Second Life, here is one for children to learn English


Talk English

Writing Guides

BBC’s guide for children to improve their English writing

Dictionaries and Reference

Nciku (Chinese / English)
Urban Dictionary (user-updated guide to casual English – note many entries use bad language)
Acronym Finder (helps find the definition to acronyms you don’t recognise)


EFL Fast


News in Levels – The news re-written for learners of English (there are 3 levels)
Newsround – Children’s news from the UK

Newspapers and Magazines

The New Yorker

Talking Newspapers

Talking Newspaper of Coventry

Radio Stations

BBC World Service (news)
VOA (Voice of America) (news)

WTC (Wireless Theatre Company) (spoken word)

Fun Kids (children’s)


Speeches (via Guardian website)
Great American Speeches (via American Rhetoric website)


Poetry Archive – listen to poetry read by poets (click on/search the poet, then look at the ‘recordings’ box on the left of the page; text is included)


BBC Voices – The BBC has recorded accents from around the UK. Improve your understanding of accents.
Speech Accent Archive – Listen to accents from around the world (and submit your own, if you wish)

Children’s English

StoryNory (Stories and Fairy Tales, read aloud and with text)
Starfall (phonics and reading)
Oxford Owl (online books, games, and activities to help with reading)
British Council Kids
Seussville (site for Dr. Seuss books, including games and activities)

Children’s Shows

The Singing Kettle – After years of singing songs for children around Scotland, 2013 sees the end of ‘The Singing Kettle’