Comic Strips

Calvin and Hobbes Calvin and his toy tiger philosophise on life (read strips here)
Alex Bonus-obsessed bankers
Doonesbury Political and social satire
XKCD Science, technology and philosophy make a complex strip.
Dilbert Dilbert is the typical bullied office worker
The Far Side Surreal and ironic strips (and hard to find online)
Peanuts Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and friends


DC Comics Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman…
Viz Often rude magazine, but with famous characters in the UK
The Beano Long-running title with famous comic strip characters for kids
Roy of the Rovers Although no longer in print, this football comic is still widely known and referenced

Graphic Novels

Watchmen Superheroes fighting each other and their conscience
When the Wind Blows How a nuclear attack changes the lives of an elderly couple
The Snowman Much-loved story about a boy whose snowman comes to life
Ghostworld Comic, turned graphic novel, turned movie, about two teenage girls about to leave school