The above timetables show the normal TV schedule for Channel 10, and the changes that will occur during the final week of the Olympic Games.
Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.

The two given timetables describe the changes to Channel 10’s 6am to 1pm morning schedule during the final week of the Olympic Games. The majority of the alterations are the addition of sports programmes.

Both during regular weeks and the Olympic week, Channel 10 begins its weekdays with the ‘Morning Coffee with Kelly’ show from 6 to 8. The news and weather will also continue with its Monday to Friday 8am start, but rather than lasting a full hour it will only last 30 minutes during the irregular week, with a daily sports round up taking over the remaining airtime. The 9am – 11am slot – generally filled with gardening or cooking – is going to be mostly unchanged during the week, with only an ‘Olympic Stories’ programme added on Friday at the expense of the week’s third edition of the cooking show. The Monday to Friday 11am to 1pm children’s TV segment will remain unaltered.

Whilst weekdays see a few minor changes, those to the weekend schedule are whole scale. Saturday mornings, usually devoted to the movie matinee, will be completely given over to live sports during the Olympic week. Sunday, which on a normal week shows a soap opera omnibus, will instead show the Olympic Closing Ceremony. In essence, the regular weekend schedule has therefore been completely suspended during this Olympic week.