Water Filtration

Steps in a water filtration system
The above diagram shows a water filtration process.
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The flow diagram depicts the various steps within the water filtration process. In total eight stages are named, commencing with the placement of unfiltered water into the system, and concluding with clean water being sent for use in homes and factories.

As previously mentioned, the whole water filtration process begins with unfiltered water, which is first run through a screen and then a coarse filter, before being collected in a sedimentation tank. These three initial stages remove large particles from the water, after which it is ready for finer filtration and chemical assistance. This second, more delicate half begins with the water being pushed through a fine filter, followed by the addition of chlorine. At this point the chlorinated product is almost ready for consumption: the only remaining steps are for the water to be collected in storage tanks and then finally piped out to the users, both domestic and industrial. Thus, via a simple 8-step process, the water has been changed from unfit for use to being able to once again meet human needs.