Reflexive pronouns are special object pronouns that say a person is doing something to him/herself.

Normal Object Pronouns

If a thing/person is having something done to it, we use an object pronoun.

I = me
you = you
he = him
she = her
we = us
they = them
it = it
some = some

– examples:

He cleans them.
She doesn’t like us.
You like him.

Reflexive Pronouns

If the thing/person is doing something to itself, we use a reflexive pronoun.

I = myself
you = yourself
he = himself
she = herself
we = ourselves
they = themselves
it = itself

– examples:

I hit myself (not ‘I hit me’)
He loves himself (not ‘he loves him’)
She cleans herself (not ‘she cleans her’)
My dog walks itself (not ‘my dog walks it’)


Think of sentences using different reflexive pronouns