What are conjunctions?

Conjunctions are words that link clauses together (clauses = different parts of a sentence).
Some common conjunctions:


How to use conjunctions

Before using conjunctions, you must know that long sentences are built by putting pieces together. These pieces are clauses.
Clause 1: I like ice cream.
Clause 2: It is delicious.
Together with conjunction: I like ice cream because it is delicious.

Examples of sentences using conjunctions

Every Saturday I go to the park and play football.I can’t meet you tomorrow as I am very busy.
Sheena’s friends are angry because she stole their money.The company has sold more toys this year yet its profits are down.
Greg and Thomas will go to the cinema or take their boat on the river.Please shut up while I try to think.
Dogs are friendly but they smell terrible.Maxine and Jill will fly to France this summer, although neither has any money.