Conjunctions are words that link two parts of a sentence.

The most common conjunctions


Other conjunctions


How to use conjunctions

Parts of a sentence are called ‘clauses’.

In short sentences (1 clause) there is no conjunction.

I go to school on Monday. I go to piano class on Monday too.
I like popcorn. I don’t like ice cream.

In longer sentences (2+ clauses) conjunctions can connect clauses.

I go to school and piano class on Mondays.
I like popcorn, but I don’t like ice cream.

Note: when writing ,(commas) are often used between sentence parts.


I like to play golf and basketball.
He lived in Tokyo, and in London before that.

He has lots of friends, but he has no girlfriend.
They went to the restaurant, but it was closed.

I like spaghetti, because it is delicious.
He went to Italy because he had a new job there.

He forgot his book so he went home to get it.
The dog wanted out so she opened the door.

We could go to the Indian restaurant, or the Mexican one.
I want to play football or tennis.


Make 2 sentences into 1 by using a conjunction:

1. I wanted to drink cola. I had no money.
2. She lost her glasses. She went to buy some new ones.
3. I am thirsty. I am hungry.
4. Is this my apple? Is this your apple?
5. They ran. They were late for the bus.