Frequency tells us how often something is done.

Questions of frequency

How often do you…?
How often did you…?
How often will you…?

How to talk about frequency

the easiest way to talk about frquency is to use the pattern:

(number of times) a (time)

note: ‘one time’ = ‘once’ ; ‘two times’ = ‘twice’

– examples:

once a day
twice a week
5 times a year
10 times a decade

Using ‘every’

If the time is only x1 (eg. one day), use ‘a’.
If the time is more (eg. two days, ten years), use every

– examples:

once a day
once every two days

three times a week
three times every five weeks

ten times a year
ten times every two years

Comparing ‘a’ and ‘every’

I go to school five times a week.
I brush my teeth twice a day.
I get a haircut once every two months.
The Olympics happen once every four years.


Make frequency sentences for the following:

How often do you cook?
How often do you go shopping?
How often do you go on holiday?
How often do you have a shower?