To talk about events in the future, use the future tense.

The most common ways to make the future tense are:
a) will + (verb)
b) be going to + (verb)


Use ‘will’ for:

1. general predictions (things you think will happen)
2. things you decide right now
3. If you use words like ‘think’, ‘hope, ‘believe’, or ‘wonder’

– examples using ‘will’

In 5 years, I think Shanghai will be the biggest city in the world.
Brazil will win the World Cup.
Maybe she will come to the party, maybe she won’t.

You need to go to the airport? I’ll drive you.
I’m hungry. I think I’ll get a sandwich.

I hope I will get a good job.
I believe you will pass your exams.

Going to

Use ‘going to’ for:

1. general predictions
2. plans
3. predictions based on evidence (things you can see will happen)

examples using ‘going to’:

I think Shanghai is going to be the biggest city in the world.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the hospital and visit my friend.
I’m going to go to Japan for my holiday.

(the wind is strong) That door is going to slam.
(the glass in on the edge of the table) That glass is going to fall.


Try to make future tense sentences for each of the future tense examples (‘will’, and ‘going to’)