Imperatives are used to tell people to do something.

They do not use a subject.

When do people use imperatives

We use imperatives to:
a) give orders
b) give instructions
c) invite people to do something
d) on signs

– examples:

Be quiet!
Stop calling me.
Go to school.

Cook the meat for 15 minutes. Add the vegetables.
Open the box and take out the pieces.
First, write down the vocabulary. Then, make sentences.

Please, come to my birthday party.
Have a seat.
Take anything you want.

Do not enter.
Twist the cap to open.
Close after using.

* Note: put the word ‘do’ in front of the imperative to make a ‘polite’ order.

Do sit down.
Oh, do shut up.
Please, do come.
Do be good.


Think of more imperatives for the four categories listed in ‘when do people use imperatives’.