The present tense is the easiest type of sentence to make.

How to make the present tense

To make it, the verb (‘doing word’) is in its simple present form.

I like chicken.
He is a boy.
She has long, red hair.
They don’t know their names.

When to use the present tense

The present tense is for:
1. things that are true now
2. things that are always true
3. schedules and things that are generally true
4. opinions / what you think

(important note: the present tense is not for someone doing something now)

1. Things that are true now

I like chicken. (true)
She has long, red hair. (true)
The chair is in the kitchen. (true)

2. Things that are always true

Ice melts in the sun. (always true)
Cats like to sleep. (always true)
Beijing is the capital of China. (true yesterday, true today, and true tomorrow)

3. Schedules and things that are generally true

I wake up at 7 30.
He brushes his teeth every night.
I have a meeting tomorrow.

4. Opinions / what you think

I believe you.
That isn’t right.
He is an idiot.
I think red pandas are cuter than giant pandas