in other words

Learning English purely for academic reasons means a student misses all the things the language can do in the real world. In other words, English should be thought of as a tool, not a test.

Yesterday, after he got his vaccination, Jerry ran around screaming that he wanted to go again and it was painless. Then he stuck some needles up his nose and rolled around on the floor. In other words, Jerry is a buffoon.


It’s not that I don’t think he’s smart. Rather, I think he doesn’t try.

to put it more simply

Shouting at your child is something that you should never do in your lifetime because it will mentally scar him/her for life and create resentment. To put it more simply,don’t do it!

simply (put)

The last month has been a disaster. Simply put, the company can not afford another month like that.


I won’t bore you with the exact details as to to how this machine works, but basically something hot goes into something cold and makes steam.