What are prepositions?

Prepositions tell us where something is.
Some basic prepositions are:

onnext tobelowoutside

How to use prepositions

Prepositions can be used:
a) after a verb
b) after a noun

Prepositions after a verb

I live in Russia.They sit at the front of the class
He is sleeping under the table.The money fell off the table
He plays football in the garden. The car will stop outside the house.
She studies at the best school in town. We jumped over the fence.

Prepositions after a noun

I like the shoes in that shop.The plate in the sink needs washed.
The umbrella next to the door is Pedro’s. The keys beside the bowl are yours.
Julius painted the picture on the wall.Could you pass me the pencil on the table, please?
Take the money beside the phone for your lunch.Amy’s cat is asleep on the chair by the window.