What are prepositions of time?

When talking about when something happened, the time phrase (for example: the day, the month, the year) usually needs a preposition.

Different time phrases use different prepositions:

yearinin 2012
monthinin February
seasoninin summer
part of the day with ‘the’inin the morning
dayonon Tuesday
dateonon March 16th
one-day holidayonon Christmas Day
time of dayatat 9am
part of day without ‘the’atat night
longer holiday timeatat Christmas time

*’during’ can be used to mean inside any period of time, but is most often used for seasons.

Examples of prepositions of time

I moved to Vienna in 1999.She was born on February 29th.
He bought that car in 2003. They will come back on the 15th.
My birthday is in July.I will see you on New Year’s Day.
They are going on holiday in May. I’ll be busy at New Year.
I’ll go home in the autumn.The show begins at 2.
It is a good idea to visit this country in spring. I woke up at 4.25.
It is very hot during the summer. She is busy in the morning.
The city gets very busy during winter. We usually watch TV in the evening.
We will have a meeting on Tuesday.There was a lot of noise at night.
They met on Valentine’s Day. I’ll meet you at sunset.