‘Do’ questions are very common in the present tense.

Making yes/no questions using ‘do’

To make a yes/no question with ‘do’, use this:

do + subject + verbĀ  (for ‘he’, ‘she’, and ‘it’, do is conjugated (changed) to ‘does’)

Do I have any money?
Do you like cheese?
Does she go to your school?
Does he have a car?
Does it cost a lot of money?
Do they work here?
Do we go on Monday?
Do some have books?
Do many people go to the class?


The answers are

yes + subject + do/does
no + subject + don’t (do not)/doesn’t (does not).


Do you have any money?
(Yes I do / No, I don’t)

Does he have a car?
(Yes, he does / No he doesn’t)

Do many people take the bus?
(Yes, they do / No, they don’t)

Add question words for details

Question words can be added to ‘do’. These make questions that talk about verbs.

What do you like?
(I like…)

Which do you prefer?
(I prefer…)

Where do you go to school?
(I go to…)

How do you go to school?
(I go by bus)

Why do you go?
(I go because…)