Seeing that Heracles was able to kill dangerous monsters, Hera and King Eurystheus decided to change their plans. They decided that Heracles new quest was to capture the Ceryneian Hind, a deer that belonged to the goddess Artemis. The deer was so fast it could outrun an arrow, and they hoped that by capturing it, Heracles would upset the goddess.
One story is that Heracles caught the animal while it slept, and another says that he lay a net. Either way he caught the animal, but before he took it back he met Artemis and Apollo, apologising for catching the animal. The gods agreed to forgive him as long as the animal returned.
Heracles took the animal to King Eurystheus’s palace, but said that since he was not allowed in the palace, Eurystheus had to come and get it. Eurystheus came out, and Heracles released the animal. Quick as a flash it was gone, running back to Artemis.