After the hunt, Atalanta was reunited with her father. He wanted her to get married, but Atalanta was not interested in this and had been told that if she married she would have bad luck. Finally she made a deal with ther father: she said she would only marry someone who could run faster than her. Anyone who lost the race to her would be killed. Atalanta was the fastest person in the land, but still many men tried – each one ending with death.
Finally a man named Hippomenes decided he wanted to race Atalanta. Knowing he could beat the girl in a normal race, Hippomenes asked the goddess Aphrodite for help. Aphrodite (the goddess of love) gave the man 3 golden apples and told him to throw an apple each time Atalanta was too far ahead of him.
The race began, and Atalanta was far faster; however, Hippomenes did as Aphrodite said and threw an apple. Interested to see what it was, Atalanta chased it, but was quickly back in the lead. Again, Hippomenes threw an apple, and again Aphrodite went to investigate. Finally, just before the finish, Hippomenes threw the last apple. Atalanta chased it, and Hippomenes won the race and the girl.