Pandora’s Box

Annoyed that men now had fire after Prometheus had given it to them, Zeus looked down and decided to punish them too. He asked Hephaestus to create a beautiful woman out of earth and water (the first woman), and Zeus called her Pandora.
Zeus presented Pandora as a gift to Prometheus’s more foolish brother, Epimetheus. Although Prometheus had told Epimetheus to never accept gifts from Zeus – because there was always a catch – Epimetheus nonetheless accepted Pandora when he saw how beautiful she was. Along with the woman, Zeus also gave a box that he told Pandora never to open.
Of course, as Zeus knew, curiosity would get the better of Pandora, and once on Earth she decided to open the box. As she did, out flew all evil – disease, hunger, cruelty, greed, death, violence – which quickly spread across the human’s world. Pandora rushed to close the box, but when she did only one thing was left inside: hope. It is, therefore, hope that people reach for when they meet the evils Pandora unleashed.