Part 1

Waiter: Good afternoon, welcome to The Asqueroso Restaurant. Table for 2?
Dave: Yes, please.
Waiter: Follow me. (at the table) Can I get you something to drink?
Dave: Can I have a glass of iced water please?
Anna: And could I have a bottle of beer?
Waiter: Of course.
(Waiter returns with drinks)
Waiter: One glass of iced water, and a bottle of beer for the lady. Are you ready to order?
Dave: Yes. Can I get the steak please?
Anna: I’d like the pasta please. And can we get a basket of bread?
Waiter: Certainly.


Part 2

Staff: (answering the phone) Mazui’s Diner. How can I help you?
Samantha: Hi, I’d like to order some food.
Staff: Sure. Is your address Apartment 1, Building 4, 300 Pig Street?
Samantha: Yes, that’s right.
Staff: OK, what would you like?
Samantha: Can I have one beef noodles, and one chicken with rice?
Staff: Of course. Anything else?
Samantha: Yes, can I also get one portion of French fries, and one green salad. And do you do soup?
Staff: We have miso soup, and potato soup.
Samantha: Can I have one miso soup? Oh, and a bottle of Sprite. That’s all.
Staff: Ok, let me repeat your order: one beef noodles; one chicken with rice; one portion of French fries; one green salad; one miso soup; and one bottle of Sprite.
Samantha: That’s right.
Staff: The total is $27.50, and your food will be with you in half an hour. Thanks for calling.
Samantha: Thank you.


Part 3

My friends and I went to a restaurant last night. We ate a lot of food.
I ordered a pizza and a salad. Anna had a hamburger and some fries. Philip ate some soup, some chicken, and some potatoes. We all drank soft drinks: I had a Sprite, Anna had a Coke, and Philip had a Fanta.
I thought my food was delicious, but Philip said his was disgusting. Anna said hers was OK. The bill came to £55.60. Philip paid.


Part 4


Bread $0.75
Soup of the Day $1.50

Main Courses (with fries or vegetables)

Hamburger $2.75
Pizza $2.75
Pasta $2.75
Fish $3.50
Steak $5.00


Ice cream $1.50
Fresh Fruit $1.50
Chocolate cake $2.00

Side Orders

Salad $1.00
Mashed Potato $1.50


Water (Still / Sparkling) $0.75
Soda (Coke / Sprite / Fanta) $0.75
Beer $1.50
Wine (Red / White) $3.50