Although not wrong, ‘so-so’ is not often used as an answer to ‘How are you?’.


Instead, people use words such as ‘OK’, ‘alright’, ‘not bad’, and ‘can’t complain’.

‘How are you?’
‘Alright. How about you?’
‘I’m OK.’

Using ‘so-so’ with nouns

So-so can be used with nouns. It is used before the noun.

She gave a so-so performance.
It was a so-so game.
They had a so-so time at the park.

People tend to use ‘OK’, ‘alright’, instead for feelings, and ‘average’ or ‘middling’ for reviews.

She gave an average performance.
It was an OK game.
They had an alright time at the park.

Using ‘so-so’ with verbs

‘So-so’ can be used with verbs. It is used after the verb.

I swam so-so.
He played so-so.
The game was so-so.

Again, however, it is not as common as ‘OK’, ‘alright’, and ‘not bad’.

I swam alright.
He played OK.
The game wasn’t bad.