Michael Jordan

When was he born?

Michael Jordan was born on February 17th 1963 in Brooklyn, New York.

Why is he famous?

Michael Jordan was a famous basketball player. Some people say he was the best player ever.

Jordan’s NBA career was mostly spent with the Chicago Bulls. He won six NBA titles with them (and was finals MVP in all 6). He also won 5 league MVP awards, a Defensive Player of the Year award, multiple scoring titles, and had numerous All-Star appearances.

Jordan’s career featured many well-known moments: famous dunks; last-second winners; scoring 38 points in a playoff game despite having the flu; crying on winning the NBA Championship on Father’s Day as he remembered his dad.

Jordan is also famous as a brand: Nike’s Air Jordan shoes became a huge success (and are still sold in their millions today). Jordan also became involved in clothing, restaurants, and movies.

Michael Jordan, Basketball Player
What is his mark on history?

In 1996 Jordan was voted amongst the 50 Greatest Players of All Time to celebrate 50 years of the NBA.

In 2009 Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Many of his scoring records still stand, as does his record 6 finals MVPs.

Michael Jordan with his Championship Rings

Although born in New York, Michael Jordan grew up in North Carolina. Before playing in the NBA he played for the University of North Carolina, and after he retired he bought North Carolina’s NBA team, the Charlotte Bobcats.

Each summer, the NBA has a draft in which teams choose new players. Jordan was picked 3rd. Portland’s pick of Sam Bowie at number 2 has been called one of the worst draft picks in history (Bowie’s NBA career was troubled with injury as Jordan’s took off).

Jordan retired twice during his playing career. His career ran:
1984 to 1993: Chicago Bulls
1993 to 1995: Retired
1995 to 1998: Chicago Bulls
1998 to 2001: Retired
2001 to 2003: Washington Wizards

During his first retirement, Jordan tried to become a baseball player.

One slight against Jordan is that some fans and ex-players believe that the NBA pressured referees to help Jordan in order to help his superstar status. This help was called ‘The Jordan Rules’, and led to the idea of ‘Superstar Rules’ in which fans feel superstar players get more calls from referees.