Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is February 14th

  • Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers.
  • Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Europe and North America. However, some people in other countries like to enjoy Valentine’s Day too.
  • It is not an official holiday, so people still have to go to school and work.
  • Valentine’s Day is named after St. Valentine. However, there are known to be three different St. Valentines.
  • On Valentine’s Day, people send Valentine’s cards to the person they love. It is traditional to not write the sender’s name, so the person receiving has to guess who sent it. People also like to give gifts such as chocolate and flowers.
  • Many people say that Valentine’s Day is too commercial i.e. it is being used as a way for companies to make money by selling things.
  • Although Valentine’s cards are supposed to be about love, many schools in America have students make cards for everyone in their class, and their teachers. This isn’t about love; it is to try and make everyone feel happy (and not have people cry if they don’t get a card).
  • Some schools, on the other hand, try to do nothing for Valentine’s Day because they don’t think children should be forced to give cards.