Burns Night

Burns Night is January 25th.

  • It is an event to celebrate the birthday of Scotland’s most famous poet, Robert Burns (1759-1796)
  • Because Scotland has sent immigrants all around the world, Burns Nights are actually held in many different countries. Scottish people living abroad, or people with Scottish ancestry (grandparents, great grandparents) also celebrate it
  • Burns Night is celebrated with a Burns Supper. This is a special dinner with special events, and includes eating haggis (a traditional Scottish food of meat cooked inside a sheep’s stomach), and finishing with the traditional song Auld Lang Syne.
  • As well as the Burns Supper, many places also have a ceilidh (KAY-LEE). This is a lively evening of Scottish country dancing
  • Burns Night events are very popular, not only because many people have Scottish ancestry, but because they are a good mixture of food, dancing, drinking, and tradition.