Note that many synonyms do not have exactly the same meaning; take the time to learn the differences.

Begin: start; commence; kick off

Break: shatter; destroy; ruin

Buy: purchase

Come: approach

Do: perform; act

Eat: gobble; munch; devour; chow down

Find: locate

Get: obtain; acquire

Give: present; donate

Go: travel; journey; voyage; head off; head out; nip out

Have: possess

Hit: strike; punch; beat; pummel

Keep: save

Know: be aware of

Let: allow; permit

Like: enjoy; be fond of; admire; love; adore

Look Like: resemble

Make: create; craft

Put: place; position

Show: present; illustrate; reveal

Speak: say; utter

Take: get; steal; nab

Tell: inform

Understand: comprehend; get (it)

Want: desire; yearn (for)